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Thank you for stopping by. My name is Keionna Shields. I am 26, I am from New York but I reside in Philadephia. I have a serious respect for the vegan world. I am currently trying to work my way into being a vegan today. I also went to cosmetology for 3 years, and have always had a love for the beauty industry. My strongest area was always esthetics & hair care. With that being said, one day I decided why not come up with a cruelty free, vegan company. My lip products are made in the comfort of my home. No vendors involved. A lot of products we use today, have cruel ingredients & extracts from animals. I am also a huge animal person, and in my heart they matter just as much as we do. I love anything good for the universe and our earth. Our products are made of Vegan gloss base, essential oils, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil & vegan mica. One of our lash sets are Vegan & handmade with care. Our other 2 sets are Mink. Thank you for choosing me & the earth. Peace & Love.

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